My road to Windows 10: Let me in!

Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 7:54 AM UTC

It is interesting to see how inconsistent this OS can be. I will show other types of stupid inconsistency later but this one is most annoying: the login.
I have three machines were the login page behaves like you would expect it to do. If it appears you can instantly type your password in the by default highlighted password field. Hit enter and you are in. For some reason my office machine doesn't allow me to do this. Instead it displays the login page and the password field is not highlighted so you first have to click inside the field to activate it and to type your password - arrrgh!

And: for some reaons I don't have the lock screen though it is enabled.

The machine has two accounts that it offers me - and so does another private machine, too. That's obviously not the reason. I suspect the different flavor of Windows 10 as the possible cause for this behaviour: this is a Windows 10 Enterprise (formerly a 8.1. Pro) and my other machines were updated from Windows 7 Home Premium. If someone can tell me how to tweak this I would be grateful.

Severity: annoying, inconsistent

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