Going to Prague

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM UTC

Today I received an email saying that my session proposal for the upcoming SUTOL conference in Prague got approved!

"Find your data - use GraphDB capabilities in XPages applications"

This is my second SUTOL I can attend and I'm really looking forward to it. This event is one of the most important European user group events. Personally I experienced a very cuddly and personal event with overall very nice people around the ground. Besides the usual suspects I met a lot of new people from the eastern part of Europe. I think this area is still an interesting market for IBM solutions. Last year SUTOL expanded sessions to the English language which also expanded attendees and sponsors as well to the conference.

This year they extended even the duration from one to two days which is great! If you have the time to attend you should, if you have more time you should spend extra time in this wonderful ancient city. If you have even more time then you should get in touch with the people as they are open minded and very social. This means you can even better enjoy some famous attractions of the Czech republic - which is their great food and beer Smile 

Prague of course has to offer famous sights you should explore, too.
For me this event is one of the few I attend this year as I had to cancel last minute ICON UK and AdminCamp.

SUTOL offers me the chance to see my fellow ICS peeps again and make new friends - and I only have to drive 2 hours from my hometown to get there Cool

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