Why I prefer Korn over Metallica

Monday, January 30, 2017 at 9:08 PM UTC

I guess this is a post in years without a technical background. Almost without that background.

The people who know me should know my favourite kind of music. I don’t have any particular bands or brands, just a certain style. I like music that „kicks your ass“ - and this is open to a broad range of songs.

I call myself a conservative and traditional rock music lover. This also includes music which is completely made out of computers and synths. Believe it or not: even without using real drums or guitar you can produce something that moves your ass - and that’s rock’n roll, baby!

There are some bands I prefer when it comes to music which is commonly called „metal“ or similar. 

Metallica - the fathers of metal

Metallica got me in my early teenage years - somehow. They finally got me with the „Black“ album („Enter Sandman“, you got it). Unfortunately Metallica never produced an album afterwards like this. It was perfectly mastered and arranged. „Load“, „Reload“ and „Garage Inc.“ tried to mimic this huge success but never got it - at least for me. The sad thing about Metallica is that they didn’t try to re-invent themselves after those years. It all sounded the same, the riffs were similar and - this is most important for me - the production sounded like it was in the 80s. Don’t get me wrong but if I want to listen to music from the 80s I won’t listen to an album from the early 2000s. I appreciate that those guys are doing their business for more than 3 decades - well done, gentlemen!

One thing I have to say though: Lars Ulrich is the best payed worst drummer on the planet - just my 2 cents.

Then there was… Korn

I discovered them very late when they already were top notch. My first contact was „Take a look in the mirror“ from 2003 - it was a blast. The so called „Nu Metal“ movement was about to start (with companions like Slipknot). They had the balls to combine traditional metal with synths and weird tones - played on their guitars. This mixture of minimal sounds and ass-kicking riffs and BASS punched me right in my face. That’s what I like - IN YOUR FACE, MOTHERFUCKER!

The point is: Korn managed to go a step further. They didn’t care about success and to produce stuff „everybody“ expected, they just did their thing.

During the last couple of years they also mixed other genres in their music like „Urban“ or „Dubstep“ (thanks to Skrillex). This might not be everyone’s favour but, hey, at least they dare to do - and they do perfectly. I guess it’s Jonathan Davis’ influence and will to experiment a bit while being a DJ. His voice and the arrangements along with the amazing Ray Luzier torturing the drums make Korn my perfect kind of tune while coding, driving, drinking and just coming undone - believe it or not, but even Korn can bring you down and relax.

My favourite album currently is "The Paradigm Shift".


"As long as music is loud enough, we can't hear the world falling down"

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