iOS 11 beta 4 on iPad - makes sense

Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 11:23 AM UTC

Now with the 4th beta of iOS 11 I gave it another try on my iPad Pro 9.7". I was quite happy before with it on this device (not on the iPhone though) and I heard a lot of positive things about the new version from July 24. It seems Apple is seeding updates every 14-16 days now which is great.

Besides from others blogged about (new icons and animations and other useless stuff it's one thing I missed the most in iOS 11 - the switch-to-close gesture in the taskmanager. 

But - hooray - it is back!

I also used the new screen capture feature to record this short demonstration. So far, iOS 11 on an iPad turns out to be great! Smile

I'll wait until the final for my iPhone though...

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