Children’s birthday party

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 10:38 PM UTC

Man what a week so far. I struggled with DDE once again, countless times over the past decades. Things changed - or they didn’t, I am not sure.

HCL decided to take the burden of curating a product called Notes and Domino. Good luck, guys!

It’s very disturbing to see what happened today at the „Golden Ticket“ event in… Boston? I don’t know exactly where, somewhere at the U.S. east coast I guess at the HCL labs during the „Factory Tour“.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so far away from being jealous about not being a receiver of the ticket and joining this event as the U.S. is a „no-go-area“ for me. Meeting the peeps however… well this is something different. I like to meet those people in every occasion - in Europe.

„Disturbing?“ you may say? Yes it was. The „joke“ of trying to act like „the Doc“ and „Marty“ to emphasize the „Back to the future“ motto at various conferences was somewhat funny and did it’s purpose. The HCL Factory Tour (AFAIR) was even better (worse).

The motto was: „Willy Wonker“ - a story/movie that I don’t even know (must be an American thing I guess) - as far as pictures promise I saw on Twitter today. Yes, it should be fun to come together. But there is a big big big BUT:

The situation isn’t funny at all! It is a serious game to get the product back to life, HCL!

HCL is facing a lot of challenges:

  • taking over an old product and make it fancy
  • improving technologies that is 10+ years old
  • engaging developers and users
  • engaging decision makers

I don’t think it’s the right time to act this foolish on such a serious event even if this is not an official one. But HCL and some of the main protagonists made it so damn public that it hurts. I’d be interested in what IBM thinks about it though I guess they aren’t in the position to interfere.

To all of you who attend(ed): I wish you all the best of fun and input though - honestly!

Just my 2 cents.

The Beta

The beta 1 phase is running constantly and people are testing and reporting on a daily basis. My „hero“ of these days is our very own fellow Ulrich Krause (eknori) who tested the most important stuff despite of his serious health issues. All the best to you, Ulrich!

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