Goodbye, Watson Workspace

Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 12:52 AM UTC

In case you missed it: today is the end-of-life day for IBM's last innovative product in years. It started as a demo called "Project Toscana" and I admit I never thought it would be a game-changer. Over the past years we got friends somehow. Although others made their products evolve a bit faster (Slack, MS Teams) WW struck me when IBM integrated Zoom Meetings for web conferences with video and audio. Of course you can use Zoom as a stand-alone service and I never was able to start a Zoom meeting as I wasn't a WW Plus member during that time but the ecosystem that was built around it was stunning. I had many channels I followed and used to keep in touch with fellow IBM Champions and members of the local DNUG. Slack will be the alternative. OpenNTF offered many channels to keep the WW ecosystem alive on various topics.

With today this product is history. HCL doesn't continue it from what I heard.

Anyway, another chance missed, IBM. But the folks found alternatives. Hopefully customers will, too.

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