Nominate your HCL Ambassador 2022

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 7:45 PM UTC

It's the time of the year again to show appreciation to people who contributed and shared their knowledge about HCL Digital Solutions products with you. So please take some time to nominate them to be an HCL Ambassador!

Being an HCL Ambassador has many benefits: we learn about products, future plans and other insights directly from HCL. Though we may not be allowed to share this right away, we can help you to plan your invests, your future products on the platforms and also have a "hot wire" to the leaders inside HCL. I see me as a "catalyst" between my customers and the vendor.

Here is the official nomination app: HCL Ambassador 2022 Nomination

You can nominate yourself, too! HCL Ambassadors should also nominate themselves. If you consider to nominate me, here are some facts that will help you to fill the form. I thank you in advance if you take your time to nominate me or any other person Smile

Company We4IT GmbH
Job Title Consultant
HCL Relation Business Partner
HCL Brand Digital Solutions
HCL Products Notes, Domino, Volt
Country Germany
Current HCL Ambassador yes
Twitter @zeromancer1972

You have to provide 3 different references to my work, but I won't provide you any suggestions here. In general consider blog posts, forum posts, user group sessions or anything else you might find helpful to others.

I want to nominate YOU

To help me provide the information about you, I created a little app for you to give me your basic information: please complete this form and I will nominate you


THANK YOU for your nomination, me and others greatly appreciate your time!

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