Cool stuff in Notes/Domino 12.0.1 beta 2

Friday, October 8, 2021 at 10:04 PM UTC

It's amazing how HCL manages to surprise me every time they release a new version of Notes and Domino and this is even true with beta versions. There is so much stuff added in the latest beta 2 to the prior one that I can't even show everything after playing around with it for some days.

I have to skip the latest additions to DQL and the new Query Results Processor (QRP) for now since this is too complex and I haven't had a chance to test it, yet.

What I've seen so far are some legit changes to the client's UX which I completely call an improvement:

  • the default "wallpaper" is gone, it's just a grey canvas now
  • the circles and boxes around the tiles are gone, it's only plain icons now
  • the icons of the major apps and templates are now switched to the high-res versions to support more colors
  • unread badges are subtle now
  • replica indicators are now directly visible on the icon itself (that little green arrows) without hovering over an application's icon (this is my favorite)

Though the icons of the Discussion and the Teamroom app are updated, the design of the apps is not, yet. I expect them to be face-lifted to HCL's design language ("Enchanted design") soon.

On this screenshot you can see the difference between the new and the old icons, the new unread badges and the green replica indicator. I already adapted to the new high-res icon for our new product (lower right corner) and it looks great!

Though I did not test the new features of the server, Thomas Hampel made a great summary video where he explains everything new in 12.0.1 beta 2. As I said: it's the second beta and they packed a lot of new useful stuff into it, but have a look for yourself: 

Some key features:

  • DKIM support
  • IDN (support for international domain names in e-mail addresses)
  • Create a MicroCA in CertManager
  • OneTouch now supports TLS setup, DA and user registration
  • Backup & Restore: advanced support for 3rd party solutions
  • a new Github repo where backup configurations for more 3rd party solutions will be published

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