Same, same - but different

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 8:00 AM UTC

April 1, 2015 marked my beginning at We4IT, April 1, 2022 the end. Or better: a change - after 7 years. 

We4IT started two subsidiaries based on the former teams for development and managed services. It's not about a particular product or platform but of what we are really doing. I am part of the managed services team for about a year now, so we now built Nintera from it. Our focus is offering managed services solutions (hosting, SaaS, IaC), Low-Code dev on HCL Domino Volt and MS Power as well as migration projects.

We are still bound with We4IT although under a new flag and we still work closely together, also with the other new company Axontic which is built from the former dev team. Customers were informed over the past days about these changes.

Basically you won't experience massive changes - except for new contact data. I am still maintaining customer infrastructures and creating solutions based on HCL Domino. Furthermore I started getting used to Microsoft solutions like Azure and the Power platform which is a challenge for an old fart like me after more than 20 years of developing and administering pure Notes and Domino.

The division of the two teams into two individual companies opens more possibilities and will help to concentrate even more on the customer's needs regardless of the technology they are using, may it Domino, Microsoft or anything else.

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