HCL Updates from Engage

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 8:07 PM UTC

Though not physically present, I captured some news from Engage which takes places these days, thanks to my fellow peeps who post infos on Twitter.

My personal highlights from the OGS and other sessions during the day are:


Domino product codes now follow geographical naming standards like Apple does for decades, so future versions of Domino are named after famous rivers. Danube, Thames and Rio Grande will be the names for the next releases. Starting with "Danube" 12.0.2 it's on its way, starting today as Code Drop 1 Early Access. It's available on FlexNet now and I already created a Docker image with Daniel's container project - easy as pie.

Danube Early Access

As mentioned above, 12.0.2 beta is ready for download. You can participate in the beta program like you did with the other versions before, use the feedback discussion forum etc. Monthly drops are planned but this is not sure. What is for sure is that 12.0.2 drop 2 comes in September and we expect the GA at the end of the year - a good old tradition. Happy New Year!

HCL Nomad without SafeLinx

HCL Nomad f.k.a. HCL Nomad Web will ship with Domino as a server task, making the need of having a dedicated SafeLinx server + relational database obsolete. If you ever installed SafeLinx for that purpose, you experienced that this is not fun at all. With Nomad being a part of Domino it will make things much easier. I expect Nomad to be included in a CCX license but I don't have further detail here. If you have, please comment below. Nomad will be part of the CCB license.

Domino REST API beta is here

We had some code drops during the last years, now KEEP is officially a beta. For those who don't know: KEEP is now named the Domino REST API, highly configurable with a UI and supporting standards like Open API.

Other stuff

XPages didn't get much love during the past releases but they constantly were fixed (or sometimes broken - SCNR). With 12.0.2 HCL updated the CKEdtitor - personally I am not sure if this will make my life happier as I used substitutes over the years. At least we get updates here.

Another interesting bullet on a slide was that you will be able to share a JAR with an XPage AND a Java agent. I am interested in how this will be done. Sure, you actually can use the identical JAR for both for ages, but you have to place it in their specific locations right now. I guess agents will be able to access the resource folders within the NSF like the XPages do - the other way around would mean that you can add a Java lib to an XPage as a resource which would be suboptimal IMHO.

The Notes client will again get a facelift for the workspace. I am not sure if this slide showed the mockup I already saw during a call with the HCL design team some weeks ago or if this is from a "real" Notes client installation. Anyway, the icons now a tiles again - yay!


For day 1 it's a lot in the Domino world. Currently we are planning to compile a series of quickies that emphasise on the benefits of Notes and Domino in their current iterations. My personal opinion is that Domino is the most versatile server you can currently get for money. There is just one last thing: HCL, please update the JVM to a reasonable version asap.

It's a good practise to follow the hashtag #engageug on Twitter these days if you want to know more about the latest shit.

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