My top 5 Tech Gadgets in 2022

Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 2:52 AM UTC

Usually I do not do lists of any kind. This year I am going to break this habit. These are my top 5 tech gadgets I bought and use in 2022.

5 - PreSonus ERISE3.5 Studio Monitors

For my secondary workspace I needed some speakers. My goal is always to have a linear and clear sound without any highs or lows in low-end or high-end frequencies to get a clean result while mixing my music. These monitor speakers a small, not too expensive and they sound great. Remember: these are not your everyday speakers to listen to music, these are studio monitors that you have to find a sweet spot for your ears - positioning is everything here.

4 - Homematic IP Presence Detector

I have a smart home built during the past 3 years. Motion sensors are a key part for automating routines, esp. with lights. As usual Zigbee-based motion sensors are not quite accurate and fast enough for my needs, I use the presence detectors for Homematic - a proprietary system but I like it as this is rock solid and reliable. These sensors are not cheap but the parameters you can adjust are the most versatile on the market. I am running a CCU3 (a RaspberryMatic in a Docker container) and these devices are awesome. There are only 2 rooms currently without them. Guess what: orders placed.

3 - ESP32 / ESP8266

Again, I have a smart home and I enjoy building up my own sensors or lights. This little controller comes with built-in Wifi and optional Bluetooth which opens it up to a wide variety of smart integrations. I built several neo-pixel based LED strips with it (using WLED) and other sensors such as ESPresence or temperature sensors that are delivering their values via MQTT to my central component based on IoBroker. 5 bucks each and fully programmable with Arduino or pre-built software.

2 - Logitech MX Master 3S

This is the ultimate mouse. It's ergonomic (at least for the right-handed user), it's accurate and the new 3S is also silent. No click sounds anymore and the customisation options are insane. This is the mouse you want to use. Trust me.

1 - Apple MacBook Pro 14" from 2021

I bought this machine in 2022 as a replacement for my old iMac. It turned out to be the most powerful machine I have ever used. My configuration is the M1 Pro with 10/16 core CPU/GPU, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Every component in this computer is so damn fast. The SSD hits the 5GB/s mark with ease. It has 2 fans built in but they only run if you torture this machine. The power consumption is below 10W average. If you render a video in Davinci or a track in Logic Pro, it will increase but it will never struggle. I guess it's currently the most powerful computer in this form factor. Absolutely crazy good.

What's your favourite tech gadget you bought/used in 2022?

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