Quick Tipp: Notes/Domino 14 EAP drop 2 is here - and now you can re-order your workspace tabs!

Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 8:29 PM UTC

Notes and Domino 14 EAP drop 2 is here and one feature has been added we are all waiting for, for decades: drag and re-order your workspace tabs.

Downside: this only works with the vertical (new) workspace tabs, not with the legacy horizontal ones Frown

However, if you want to re-organize your tabs, use the vertical display, re-order and then switch back to the legacy-workspace - and you're done.

How to

To switch back and forth the new and old workspace style, use this notes.ini option:

Workspace_Navigator=1 (new style)

Workspace_Navigator=0 (old style)

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