Windows 8 and a very annoying default setting

Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 11:30 AM UTC

Today I bought a new computer for my mother in law, a Lenovo Ultrabook Flex 15". From the first impression it's a very neat machine with power and it's also well crafted. One thing I noticed from the very beginning: after starting Windows the display dimmed automatically without any reason. I'm currently setting the machine up, installing updates and stuff. Strange thing: when rebooting during the various updates I noticed that the display was in full intensity! What the fuck?

After googling a little I found the solution: it's a default setting in Windows 8 - I admit that I didn't use Windows 8 before - and I'm trying not to do so in the near future. How can Microsoft set this setting, which even cannot be found by and expert without help, to a default value that sucks? No end user will find (or even search for it) here. 

How-to-Geek shows how to get rid of this stupid setting:


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