Renovation time - a case study

Friday, January 10, 2014 at 8:34 PM UTC

A few days ago a twittered a picture of an application I'm renovating right now. This is the backstage story.

We at ULC Business Solutions have a product called "GroupCalendar". So far it is used by our customers in the Notes Client and sometimes in the browser. The technology behind was traditional Notes development even for the web frontend. As the year has just begun I had some time to re-invent the browser part of this application. I decided to use XPages and Bootstrap for layouting. Up til now I invested about 3 days of development, having a focus on the full functionality of the former application. My goal was not to reinvent everything but to redesign the main parts and using stuff as much as I could.

I (re-)used:

The following screenshots show the current progress (though it's still away from being complete yet).

This post just shows how easy it can be to use a modern framework in "old" applications even if they're made with former technologies. And it also shows how flexible the Domino platform is. You can renovate your applications without a hassle and with just a few tweaks.

If you like to receive more information feel free to contact me Smile

p.s.: I just noticed that OpenNTF has been relaunched with the new design - this is another great example on how to renovate a long term application with a brand new and innovative design! Chapeau to @MartinRolph from Oval Business Solutions!

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