Using source control in technical trainings

Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 5:55 PM UTC

Some days ago I prepared a course I will host at the end of January/beginning of February. The course will show up the benefits of using the latest iteration of IBM Domino 9 in application development, especially when using the Extension Library components. In this course I will develop a simple CRUD application within one day live. The goal is to explain some core elements from the Extlib by demonstrating their purpose and usage live in that application. 

For that I also prepared the demo application besides the usual slides. As I won't focus on XPages development in general there are only about 10 steps to that application to work. I startet as usual in Domino Designer and then I remembered the discussions during the last months regarding source control and came across with the question:

Wouldn't it be useful just to hold all the single steps/milestones during the development phase using e.g. SourceTree?

Yes, it is! My approach was to separate every single step in an own commit to my source repository (Mercurial in my case). So when I just finished or updated elements or whole functions of my application I issued a commit to my local repository. Finally I uploaded it to my private Bitbucket account to access it from every machine (as I use a different one in my trainings). Another benefit was that I could work on the application from different machines without using Notes replication.

So if you ever need to "turn back time" for demonstration purposes in your courses then remember to use a local/remote repository (prepared or during your class). You will find that really useful. 

Finally when your done with your course you can open the remote repository to your customers/attendants of the course for their own purposes.

Sounds quite comfortable, hm? Grinsend

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