Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 11:46 PM UTC

After the first work day after 4 days off (due Easter) I found myself disencouraged again. We are working on a huge project that combines Domino XSP, REST, TomEE backend and MS SQL Server which turns out to being a big hassle so far. In these days I appreciate "my" Domino more than ever esp. for the data modelling parts and the pure backend possibilities. To "calm down" from the daily work I dabbled around in some of my own projects as "Cockpit", "FileSilo" and a brand new one - a simple toolbox to detect administrative issues in a Domino environment. As this covers some internal stuff there will be no public demo available. But of course I used my BS3 template. So please refer to the repository on GitHub to try for yourself. Please note: this application uses Bootstrap4XPages, OpenNTF API and the Extlib of Domino 9.

My first motivation was to detect databases that cause errors on startup of a Domino server when they have calendar views without calendar profiles. I/we have a lot of that kind so I always get errors when booting up my development servers but they bother me. So either I create those profiles now or I delete any database on my own server (I don't care what messages occur on our company's servers though). The "Toolbox" now displays those databases. This is work-in-progress so the action links in the overview do not work. The application itself is a starting point for me to create tools of a more administrative character. So stay tuned Smile

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