More nominations these days

Monday, September 8, 2014 at 5:34 PM UTC

In case you missed it: OpenNTF, THE open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions, has opened the nominations for new board members. Board members are elected for 1 (contributor members) respectively 2 years (company members) to direct and curate this institution. Several current board members do not stand for another period as they create room for new community members. So if you took benefit from using software that is distributed on OpenNTF, if you want to take your part in the process of growing the community work or just to keep this thing going with your constructive work, then please submit your application.

How to do that?

It is really simple: just create a message that explains WHY you want to be part of it. You are eligible...

  • ...if you want to be part of a dynamic and creative community
  • ...if you have fun to share your thoughts to improve things
  • ...if you are member of OpenNTF in general (it's free!)
  • ...if you want to bring your own ideas in

So don't be shy, there are only human beings behind that and everyone is heard.

I already sent my application last week and I hope that I can share something more than "just" code or applications.

Will you? Ja

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