Happy birthday, OpenNTF!

Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM UTC

On January, 10th 2014 OpenNTF relaunched it's new website. The website YOU use every day and know so well since then. There has been created many improvements since then, projects were added and the IP clearance process was introduced. The latter is one of the greatest achievements of the rebuild of this community platform as customers and vendors are now safe to re-distribute the cleared content within their own projects an products.

But the first impression of the new website surely came from the new design that was implemented: the site is fully Bootstrap'ed and responsive. Also introduced was the overall available markdown editor for project summary, discussions and issue tracking. Markdown is a simple way to format your content with easy to learn shortcuts instead of using HTML tags. Kudos go to Martin Rolph from Oval Business Solutions (UK) who created the new look and feel.

Since I am involved since the beginning of October 2014 as a board member of OpenNTF I'd like to thank all contributors, developers, board members and backers who brought this site to what it's known today. There are great people back-stage and front-stage providing us with new ideas and their productivity. This all is time-consuming but the idealism they bring is heavily appreciated.

So again: cheers to the OpenNTF community!

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