This (almost) was 2014 - A Year in Review

Monday, December 22, 2014 at 10:57 PM UTC

Many others did this before so I do now, too - my year in a review. To follow up Marky Roden and Frank van der Linden I sum it up right now.

2014 was a very very very stunning year for me. Me and my colleagues faced new challenges when doing one of our "big" projects this year, trying out new technologies and co-working skills in a Domino-driven environment. At least it all worked perfectly for us. Then we all changed the company with new contracts as a part of a whole new family of business makers and decision-makers. All went good so far. We had/have some dynamic friction here and there but we are flexible enough to manage that.

My personal goals for 2014 turned out to happen very clearly: put more effort in the community business - and I reached them over the level I hoped to achieve. I was elected as a new OpenNTF Board member to push the idea of open source in the ICS area forward. I also gained the responsibility for the ICS lading page and acquired new members to curate content for this site. Many thanks got to John Oldenburger for his efforts to feed the beast - I am sure next year you'll earn the fruits. I am also just 2 years an active member of this community for now. Sounds less but things evolved fast!

The final blast for me was the election as an IBM Champion for ICS in 2015 - a goal I hoped to reach to tighten the strings to the community members in various ways.

But there were so many things I missed but others that came around I could "play around". 

The latter leads me to say THANK YOU to all supporters on numerous channels. I don't want to name someone in particular here. It's not about names, it's all about all members of the community I'd like to mention here. Stackoverflow, Skype, ICS in general. This is a strong fellowship I experience here and I am proud and humble to be a part of it!

My goals for 2015: MEET you all in person, BEING there where YOU are. Things WILL change in 2015 for me so stay tuned! Cool

I wish you all happy holidays and a happy and successful 2015L├Ąchelnd

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