A short recap from ICS.UG conference - and more...

Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 1:03 AM UTC

If anybody wondered why I wasn't blogging anything the past days, here is the answer:

I attended the ICS.UG conference in Bremen which was a great and successful event! I am dared to state that this event is THE upcoming usergroup conference in Germany for the next years. We got so many great speakers here sharing their knowledge. I had so many inspiring talks to almost everyone involved in the Yellosphere (and beyond). For me especially it was a pleasure to meet them all in person and at one location. It was just like being at Orlando. Many thanks go to We4IT & team for the perfect organization!

Another highlight was the transfer from Bremen to Ghent in Belgium where the next conference will take place: the Engage.UG. This is Europe's largest event in the ICS community. Almost all the speakers from ICS.UG that are also speakers at Engage.UG were on a VIP bus (internally called the "#LotusBeerBus"), enjoying drinks and music and just having a great time. This should be the way to travel anywhere (actually we thought about letting Ghent alone and going to Barcelona to have a quick bath in the ocean Lachend)

But we decided to go to Ghent finally Winken - which I am looking forward to especially (I am a first-timer). 

Long story short: until now this is by far the most inspiring, generous and hilarious time I ever had in my work-life! 

I'm also very glad about meeting all of the new colleagues at We4IT in the past 3 days. I also already visited the office (the "intergalatic headquarter") and it blewed me away!

So I am looking forward to see some of the city of Ghent and having a great conference at Engage.UG - and also meeting the rest of the guys from the yellow bubble - some of them I already met tonight in the hotel.

Cheers! Grinsend

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