Mac & I - another journey

Friday, September 30, 2016 at 12:10 AM UTC

People who know me for longer are aware about my attitude towards Apple and their products. Expensive and not better than products of the same price. It's still one thing I don't like about this company. But there's a big BUT though: they just work.

It started with an iPhone I bought last year. It was an iPhone 6. I changed it to a 6s this year. Using this device and the OS made me change my view. This device was and is still awesome. Fast, reliable and stable. 

My second approach was an iPad Air. Due the memory was only 16GB I couldn't use it the way I like. I sold it and bought an Air 2 with 64GB which now can handle all the software I want to use (which is music and studio related)

I started to make music with the iPad and it was so easy and it got me to results flawlessly. I am able to produce my stuff just on this device. I am actually typing this text on it.

To complete the whole ecosystem of Apple related devices, the Mac was the missing link. In all the videos I watch, all the music producers use a Mac. Most common device is a Macbook Pro. I know how well crafted those computers are but I didn't want to spend this amount of money for a new one. As I bought my iPad as a used device I looked for good and cheap Macbooks. I finally found one this week and bought it. It's from 2011 but it works very well and it looks good. 

It's a Macbook Pro i5 with 16GB of RAM, a 500GB SSD and a new battery (no retina). The battery was the last bit to choose it. It only had 10 cycles. Installing the base system was a little pain and also the Sierra update. With my stuff being installed now this machine does what it should do. Again this setup emphasizes that those machines are built for creative people. I still miss a few things and also apps that were available for free on iOS now have to be purchased for MacOS is a big minus.

My resume after 2 full days with it: it's different. I am still learning the shortcuts and behaviors of this OS. What I can say is that I absolutely do not miss Windows.

I think I need a second for my desktop...

To all those haters and people who "always told me so": every device has it's purpose.  I am still working with a Windows PC, too (the Thinkpad below in the picture)

p.s.: I need new OpenNTF stickers for this machine Grin

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Matthias Friedrich wrote on 16.10.2016, 12:39

It´s never too late for good experiences and it´s important to be able to change the mind and be honest on that. So I appreciate your honesty and wish you goog look and succes with your apple devices. May one of the next number one hits come from Dresden, produced on second hand Apple devices by a former apple skeptic ... :-)

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David leedy wrote on 30.09.2016, 02:47

Good luck with the Mac!  


FYI- There are apps that let you use your iPad as a second monitor. 

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