First aid on my iMac

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 12:32 PM UTC

What happened?

Some weeks ago I encountered the 1TB HDD in my iMac died a slow death. First I couldn't access the data anymore and then the disk was mounted and unounted once in a while. This resulted in a very annoying click sound every few minutes and it drove me crazy. Now, as I got the right tools for the job, I replaced the broken HDD with a spare 500GB SSD. This is how it worked out.

Tools used

There aren't a lot tools you need. I strongly recommend watching some videos on how to open the iMac's case. It very depends on the model you have if there a just two or more cables attached to the display. In my case there were four. I managed to disconnect only one cable (from which I don't even know what it is for) to access the HDD which was placed in the middle.

  • Torx 10x80 (8) - to unscrew all of the 8 screws for the display mount
  • Tweezers (angled) - to hold the screws in place and to avoid that they will be catched by the magnets for the front glass plate
  • Tweezers (straight) - to disconnect and re-connect flat cables
  • Inbus or any other angled metal tool to pull the display out of the case
  • Other screw drivers depending on the mount for the hard disk - usually small Phillips screwdrivers
  • 2 Suction cups - to pull the glass plate off the case (held by magnets)

Some pictures of the process

Unmounting the glass plate

I practices that a few days before I did the real job today.

Lifting the display

I recommend a spare screwdriver to keep the display in place

Detaching necessary flat cables

This is the tricky part - be careful!

Removing the old HDD

Placing the new SSD

As I wasn't able to re-use the mounts of the old HDD I just glued the SSD with thick double sided tape - should do the job.

Et voilà - here we go again

Software changes

I needed to install Macs Fan Control as the SSD doesn't provide a temp sensor like the old HDD did. Just install it and set the HDD fan sensor to manual RPM to keep the machine quiet.


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Lars Berntrop-Bos wrote on 01.11.2017, 16:13

It's more that I found in ifixit comments that messing with the fan/cooling system can be detrimental to system life.

For instance (click weitere kommentare anzeigen for all comments):


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Oliver Busse wrote on 01.11.2017, 11:31

Thanks for the hint, Lars!

40 bucks is a lot though so I'll keep using the MacFan Control - it's an SSD so it won't get that hot anyway.

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Lars Berntrop-Bos wrote on 01.11.2017, 10:52

If you want to restore the temerature sensor, OWC sells a sensor on a cable to replace the internal one that was in the original HDD.

This is a SATA cable with a sensor you can stick to the replacement drive so the iMac can sense it temeprature and regulate the fans. 

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