Notes/Domino 10 - first impressions

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 6:24 PM UTC

I lit a joss stick, turned on some blues music and opened a good bottle - here we go. Finally I got all files in a working condition and installed both client and server on my VM.

I won't go into details as I did not test anything, I just want to share my first impressions and of course some screenshots. Others wrote a good summary of what to expect for the final version.

Domino configuration still showing DOLS which will be discontinued for version 10.

The splash of the console is looking good though the old artwork is still there. Not sure if it will be replaced anyway. 

Did you notice the name "HCL" in the credits? Smile

The timestamps are in debug mode on the console and the welcome message says "Domino Release 10, 16.6.2018"

This is the about info screen of the client. It's 2 days older than the server.

I guess this is the most controversial in the client: the new design of the workspace. If back to the future means "back to 1998" and the look of Lotus Organizer then: mission accomplished. There will be a redesign in beta 2 though. My hope: leave it as it is in R9.

You can change the background image and the selection dialog for this also offers the type "GIF"...

You can define various colors for almost any element type. The next picture shows what you can do with it.

Mat Newman made his mailbox already yellow.

From what I saw:

For Domino

  • old template versions except names
  • new ODS version 53 available!
  • the Teamcalendar

For Notes

  • the workspace design
  • rendering issues in DDE
  • the new font selector with preview (nice!)
  • font rendering and colors on the workspace

It is a beta and it was released yesterday. As code is executed in debug mode expect a worse performance than you are used to.

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Henning Heinz wrote on 26.06.2018, 21:37

Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world.

Don't post too much, Beta 1 is under NDA afaik.

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