Restyle anyone?

Friday, August 19, 2022 at 7:33 PM UTC

Against my understanding HCL dropped the Restyle function in Nomad server with the latest beta 2 of the Nomad server. I expected it to be a part of the upcoming code drop 5 of the Notes client because I was told and I assumed you need a part of the Designer to do that. But this is not the case obviously. Nomad manages the restyling completely on the server within the plugin - a smart move.

I dabbled around a bit with this function and modernized a default template, in this case the discussion database.

The Restyler only offers 3 screens where you define the following:

- the theme and color set to be used
- asking for design elements which represent certain default parts of a frameset such as the app name (usually the main form), the navigation element (usually a page with an outline) and a page including some infos about the environment. If you don't have any of these, just select "Not applicable" for each part.
- options to also override table background images (i.e. get rid off them) and override the composite app part of the database with the new theme

The 3rd screen is the most important and the selections depend on what type of original template you have.
You can play around with the settings as you wish. You can repeat the restyling process again and again. If you use an app that uses a default template, then never mind - you can always apply the default if anything went wrong, so be brave!

Here is the discussion database after the treatment.

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