HCL Nomad Web + German locale

Monday, January 9, 2023 at 12:59 PM UTC

Today I noticed an issue in HCL Nomad Web and date pickers. When using an English locale in your browser, everything is fine. The date picker displays the correct month overview, starting the week with Sunday (which is the technically correct day).

With German locale set instead, the layout is wrong as the week starts with Monday (which is actually accurate for a normal week I guess).

This can be very irritating when selecting a date. Technically the date is selected correctly afterwards but it may confuse the user.

I opened a case (CS0366385), check out the progress on this issue here.

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Erik Schwalb wrote on 10.01.2023, 14:39

Ah, now i see it. January 9th was clearly a Monday, not a Tuesday... :-)

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Oliver wrote on 10.01.2023, 13:05


this is not the problem, let the week start whenever you want, but the calendar does not shift accordingly (-1 day) when Monday is the first day of the week ;-)

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Erik Schwalb wrote on 10.01.2023, 11:18

According to https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woche and other sources in Germany Monday is the first day of the week and in the USA Sunday is the first day of the week. Therefore the layout seems to be correct.

Does a browser support separate settings to define language and date format?

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