Creating a simple mobile CRUD application "on the fly"

Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 9:46 PM UTC

With the last version of the OpenNTF Extension Library (Version 9.0.1.v04) the community released yet another milestone of a modern framework for application development for our beloved platform. In this release the "Single Page Application Wizard" was just put to the next level that makes it much easier to create a mobile interface for "legacy" Notes applications with just a few clicks - without any coding at all!

Without any words here just enjoy my little video demonstration using this very neat feature:

Patrick Kwinten also made a video demo on that amazing control wizard:

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Martin Donnelly wrote on 09.03.2014, 02:31

Thanks for contributing that video Oliver ! It's great to see people picking up these newest features so quickly and showing how they can be so productive.

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