How to install a Fixpack / Hotfix - and shred your system

Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 8:50 PM UTC

IBM released Domino 9.0.1 Fixpack 3 Domino 9.0.1 Fixpack 3 today. As always I went into the problem when trying to install it. It said that my version is not the one expected which was caused by the prior installed Interim Hotfix 384. So this post is basically a reminder for me to uninstall any Hotfixes before installing a real Fixpack.

Run the installer of the Hotfix again and choose "Downgrade" to the prior version (in that case FP2).

After that you are able to install the new Fixpack without any trouble.


For some reason I had a problem after installing the FP3 on my Win64 machine. When starting the server as an application (via shortcut) it says "nsdhelp.dll" is missing. I don't know if this is a bug in the FP3 installer (to remove it but not substitute it) or is caused by other cirumstances. If you have the same problems and a clue how to fix it, then please leave a comment. I worked it around by copying the DLL from another machine to the Domino program directory. The server started normally again.

Then another problem: HTTP won't start anymore: "cannot load resource file - exiting". 

I reinstalled the whole bunch completely (Domino and FP3 directly afterwards) and now it runs.

My question: is that a Win64 version problem as I never had any trouble on Linux or were the latest Fixpacks just buggy?

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Pavel Zheltobryukhov wrote on 18.09.2017, 12:51

Same issue with HTTP task for me during updating FP8->FP9

I was needed reinstall Domino 9.0.1, then install  FP9 - HTTP working

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Miguel Calvo wrote on 04.08.2015, 13:55


   We had the same problem with the missing "nsdhelp.dll" file. We think problems were caused by the "Windows Instrumentation Service" service. It's related with more upgrading problems. Just take into account that the service must be stopped and "Disabled" as there must another service that starts it and causes the upgrading problems.


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Ali Khan wrote on 14.02.2015, 00:14

I has exactly same issue with FP3 its definitely buggy...

After install

1. Domino did not start  "nsdhelp.dll" found "nsdhelp.dll.hf" renamed back to "nsdhelp.dll" domino started

2. No HTTP

3. Reinstalled "DOMINO_9.0.1_64_BIT_WIN_ENGLISH" applied patch FP3 "domino901FP3_w64"" This time FP3 did not gave warning"

Everything seems to be working.... on by 2012R2 box


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Thomas Adrian wrote on 06.02.2015, 15:43

Thanks for your post, I had the exact same problem

First I got the nsdhelp.dll error and later on the http error so I did a full install of 9.0.1, Really strange that the full installer  did not ask to repair. It just did a full install as if there was no Domino installed.

anyway, direct after the full install I run the 9.0.1 -> 9.0.1FP3 installer and now I am up and running again.

As I did a full install the java.policy file was overridden so I needed to grant access to some of my xpages and agents.



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Oliver Busse wrote on 21.01.2015, 22:31

Steven, where did you create that blank directory? I ran the installer directly from the desktop. For FP2 I also unzipped the EXE content in a new directory but had the same problems.

For whole client/server installations I create own directories on the desktop instead of using the default temp folders the installer offers me.

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Steven Rieger wrote on 21.01.2015, 22:28

I've had that same issue for the last couple of updates.  I found if I create a blank directory with the new fixpack name it works.  So my last update I created Release901FP2 as a blank directory and the upgrade went as it should.

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