Seriously, Outlook?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 5:03 PM UTC


Nothing but CRAP! I just installed Office 2013 and wanted to connect Outlook with my GMail account. What this "software" does is more than ridiculous.

After setting the IMAP account correctly (I did that before with the prior installation of Outlook 2010) it fetches me messages. Well, but those messages from more than 3 years ago - not the latest. FAIL!

I then tried what I am used to as a IBM Notes user - just I deleted the "Mail file" (in this case the PST file) to let it recreate. It could be that there was something misconfigured before, so I gave it a try. Conclusion: don't do it, you can't start Outlook then anymore. It asks for the PST file.

"Where did you fucking stupid noob user store the fucking PST file?"

"I deleted it, bitch!"

Outlook does not start to e.g. let me create a new one. No, no chance for me. this is CRAP (again).

Ok, Outlook, fuck you and good bye! Hope we will never see again Angry

IBM Notes, I truly love and respect you since you are working even it you complete fuck up the environment. As long as you just shred data in the DATA folder nothing serious will happen. This is what I call "tough"!

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WernerMo wrote on 12.08.2014, 20:49

Da passt ganz gut mein Vortrag ein Leben ohne Lotus Notes ( mit Outgoock)

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