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Friday, August 22, 2014 at 3:58 PM UTC

This post is dedicated to all the people that were involved in the development of the latest enhancements within the Extension Library a.k.a RDBMS support via JDBC. Though JDBC isn't state of the art nowadays, it offers the XPages developer at least a neat and simple way to access relational data. By writing this I simply like to say: thank you!

To be honest: in the last few months I came across with RDBMS only. I accessed it, wrote it and deleted it - without using JDBC at all. Today you'd probably want to use a hibernation framework to do so.

After seeing the latest OpenNTF blog post and watching the great video sample on how to access relational data from an XPage without a hassle, I thought I'll give it a try. The most impressive thing about that really was the way to create an OSGI plugin for the JDBC driver for the server with just a few clicks in DDE. But have a look for yourself here - AND NOW!!! Grinsend

To get started I used my Bootstrap 3 Template ( and tweaked some parts. 5 minutes later I worked on the main part:

"I need a relational database!"

As one of my local Domino servers resides on a Ubuntu server I just picked it up and installed PostgreSQL as this is a sleek database service but powerful - and easy and fast to setup. 

I downloaded pgAdmin ( as I didn't want to use the console but a comfortable UI to administer the database and setting up a schema and a table (in that case with 3 columns).

Another 10 minutes later (due to learning how to deal with pgAdmin) I started to create the data table to access my postgres table just to display some data (I created 2 or 3 rows before in die pgAdmin client manually).

I used the @Jdbc SSJS functions that are described in the video from the OpenNTF post. And voila: hello, data! L├Ąchelnd

That was easy as pie. I invested 2 or 3 hours to tweak my UI and the functionality a bit and I finally got the result that YOU can also use for "putzing" ( Winken) around with that stuff - it is much fun!

As I always try to do: you can find my little demo out there live:

And of course it is open source, you can use it to get started by cloning the repo from here:

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ellegonzalez wrote on 07.09.2016, 11:36

The integration with DB2 works in values of a combobox, but when I try to use in a view panel the error "HTTP Web Server: Command Not Handled Exception" occurs. What´s wrong?

The version is 8.5.3 with UP1 and extended components of extension library of Open NTF. I´m executing xpages in local designer client. I created a xpages with the view panel and setting the properties:

connectionName: the name of connection name of jdbc file created in WebContent/WEB-INF/dvla

SqlTable: the name of DB2 table

The view panel has only one column that reference at a column field of DB2 table

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Oliver Busse wrote on 16.08.2015, 22:25

Tim, there is no JDBC way to access Domino data. You can access it natively via the Notes classes (yes, it's a hassel and you need Notes). Other option is to use CORBA (no, please don't). Best is using RESTful services like DAS which is provided by Domino since 9.

The described JDBC features are for accessing JDBC sourses from an XPages application.

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Tim wrote on 16.08.2015, 22:10

Hi. Does anybody know of a simple/viable route to reading Domino NSF data out from an NSF as JDBC?

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