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Friday, May 1, 2015 at 6:14 PM UTC

Those of you who attended last week's AGM saw and heard it already. We are planning a conference to take place in Q1 2016. Furthermore we're also working hard to improve your experience on the websites.

One of them is - your daily news aggregator for all ICS (ESS) related stuff in the web. It's curated content so there are people behind that who moderate and view all the published articles. In addition I personally planned a long time ago to give this website a new and modern look as it was raised in 2012. Time's changed and we are able to use current versions of UI frameworks and plugins. Currently I am working on a refurbished version. To give you an idea I show you some images here. I also like to encourage you to tune in the process. Please drop me a note on what to improve and rework for this site - as this is also a community driven offer we give.

New theme and layout

New experience on mobile devices with off-canvas navigation

And for moderators a more convenient way to login to the admin area

A preview of the current development version can be found here:

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Patrick Kwinten wrote on 11.05.2015, 09:28

A conference sounds exciting (depending on the location & travel times/expenses). Be creative I would say. Since it won#t be targetted for higher management I can imagine people are more satisfied with content than presentation for such a conference.


Are you considering crowd funding to gain some extra financial resources?

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